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My name is Linzi Fidelin, and I have 9 years working across 17+ countries, with UN Agencies, globally recognized INGOs, governments and Fortune 500 companies. So by now I believe that I am a pretty seasoned social change agent :)

I specialize in building other's ability to find and scale what works for them, especially when they are collaborating with others to do so. I feel blessed to have experienced working across cultures, languages and levels of seniority to bring about sustainable solutions for my clients.

I'm never happier than when I'm amongst a group of people collaborating on an important cause, and truly building on each other's experience to serve their clients better.

I always strive to bring a human element to my work that recognizes the individual nature of each scenario, and a belief that people dealing with the problems are the most likely to have the answers.

I founded WhatsAlreadyWorking in January 2016, to leverage my experience using approaches such as Positive Deviance and Appreciative Enquiry, to support people like you to find and share solutions to complex challenges. If you want to see my full CV, please click on the photo above. Photo credit: Ariane Hunter