I am a facilitator first.

This means that whilst guiding and leading definitely form part of what I do; I always approach every situation with the assumption that the people who are closest to the challenges (that's you, and communities you work with), are the most likely to hold the solutions.

This style of working is not for everybody.  Some people want a cookie cutter approach that they can run with. This is not what I do, because I have seen time and time again, that it doesn't last. 

Are we a fit?

I have found that I work best with people who are excited about what can happen when you involve communities from start to finish. They see these communities as 'clients' - not 'recipients' - and their work is informed, so it sticks. They are ready to flex with their clients' needs, and have an insatiable passion for creating lasting impact.

If you feel like it might be you: Let's talk.  I'd love to support you grow to your social impact, sustainably.